The circulation of a cleaning solution through equipment for the removal of fats, proteins, oils and sugars is known as Cleaning in Place (CIP). Bitek is able to provide our clients with cleaning protocols and specialised products to maintain the required high standards of hygiene in these plants.


A concentrated liquid detergent for circulation cleaning of all types of food processing and dairy pipelines, crate washers, bulk storage tanks, HTST pasteurisers, bulk mixing tanks, boiling and cooking vessels. CIP Liquid has a high level of caustic, fast effective cleaning action to remove milk fats, protein deposits and polymerised carbon. It contains sequestrant and suspending agents to help prevent scale from accumulating in tanks and lines and is effective in hard and soft water.


Detergent disinfectant formulated especially for use in the food process industry. May be applied by brushing, soaking or spraying in single and two stage cleaning disinfection programmes and is effective against a wide range of pathogenic organisms. It is effective in hard and also soft water. Est-eem is suitable for food contact surfaces, floors, walls and equipment.


70% Alcohol hand rub with moisturiser which kills a range of bacteria and viruses with a 30 second contact time. Handsan rapidly evaporates from hands without leaving a residue or odour. It is effective against enveloped viruses. There is added moisturiser for skin protection and is also suitable whenever soap and water is not readily available.


A blended acid, non-foaming liquid for removing scale from food processing and dairy pipelines, crate washers, bulk storage tanks, bulk mixing tanks, boiling and cooking vessels. Multi-acid combines the benefits of blended acids to give more effective results in many cleaning applications and will ensure rapid scale removal.


A clear, colourless, non-foaming peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid based liquid terminal disinfectant, effective against a wide range of bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens. Peradox is fast acting, economical in use and is effectively used for descaling, removing biofilm and sanitising drinking water systems, dairies, milk processing plants and food process closed plant systems. The product is environmentally friendly and non-tainting.


A powerful, heavy duty, bactericidal detergent cleaner, which can be used through all types of high or low pressure washers, using either hot or cold water. Shift rapidly penetrates and removes organic soiling and is suitable for cleaning livestock housing, vehicles and equipment. It is ideal for use under any water hardness conditions, mixes readily with water and is free-rinsing.


High active unperfumed hand wash formulation with a thorough cleansing action and excellent grease and soil removal. Trigon is mild and gentle to skin; added moisturiser provides skin protection. Produces a rich and creamy lather. It is suitable for frequent hand washing to help prevent cross contamination.


A highly efficient liquid detergent for circulation cleaning of dairy pipelines. Sodium Hydroxide and Chlorine based formulation enables a fast cleaning action and removes milk residues efficiently in all types of direct expansion, insulated bulk milk holding tanks and milking parlours. Vanosan mixes easily and is suitable for use in hard or soft water. It de-fats and protects rubbers and helps prevent milkstone build up. It contains extra sequestrants so is highly effective in hard water areas.