Bitek’s comprehensive range of feed and food additives and detergents and disinfectants will be able to add value to the operations of small farms to large integrated businesses, from feed and pet food manufacture through animal production to value added processing and covering all species from aqua to poultry. The comprehensive nature of the product range enables us to also provide solutions to many different aspects within a business’s operations.


Specially formulated liquid hay preservative for use on all types of baled hay, grasses and lucerne. Bale 30 controls both mould and bacterial growth and reduces nutrient losses during storage. Its application allows for earlier baling at up to 30% moisture contents which results in a 50% reduction in drying time. Baling at a higher moisture means there will be a lower leaf loss which leads to improved quality since 70% of the nutrients and 90% of the vitamins are contained in the leaf.

Dairy Krave

A sweetened citrus attractant agent for improved palatability in animal feeds. Dairy Krave increases the palatability of animal feeds and stimulates feed intake, it will also mask any bitter tastes and unpleasant aromas. It attracts animals to feed, further enhancing feed acceptance, particularly in young animals.

Fam 30

An extremely powerful and fast acting Iodophor based disinfectant, approved for animal use. FAM 30 quickly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi and is active in the presence of organic matter. For poultry, it is ideal for general biosecurity such as foot baths and vehicle dips due to its slow release mechanism and ability to remain active with high levels of organic matter. It is biodegradable, stable and safe in use. The brown iodine colour also indicates activity. Registered with Act 36, Department of Agriculture and DEFRA approved.


Controlled release liquid mould inhibitor for protection against moulds and yeasts in grains and other animal feed raw materials during storage. Grains going into storage should be protected from mould growth to avoid wastage, nutrient losses and to minimise any mycotoxin formation and the need to use mycotoxin binders at far higher costs in the finished feed. Grainguard is a blend of buffered and free acids which provides both persistent, long term protection and an initial rapid and effective kill.


Liquid microbial inhibitor designed for protection against microbial growth in hominy chop and associated animal feed ingredients. Grain by-products such as chop and bran from a wet milling process are high in moisture and have short shelf lives. The organic acids in Homban are powerful enough to inhibit the challenges of moulds, yeasts and acetic acid bacteria and extend the shelf life of these high risk raw materials. Dosing options available.


Controlled release mould inhibitor specially designed for protection against moulds and yeasts in pet food, animal feed and raw materials including whole grains. A blend of buffered and free acids provides both persistent long-term protection and an initial rapid, effective kill. Carefully selected acids provide protection against all yeasts, moulds and spores. Mycoban has been formulated so as it is safe to handle, non-toxic to operators and non-corrosive to mill machinery.


Specially formulated liquid silage preservative specifically for lightly wilted silage. Silo 70 is a synergistic blend of organic acids that acidifies the silage which helps promote lactic acid fermentation and restricts butyric acid fermentation. It contains a mould inhibitor which prevents aerobic losses due to moulds during the silage process and during feed out.


Powerful and irreversible binder of mycotoxins with mould inhibition to prevent further mycotoxin formation. Toxibind contains activated aluminosilicate selected for its high surface area, binding ability and sorptive capacity and organic acids which will aid in preventing any further mould growth and mycotoxin formation during finished feed storage.

Toxibind Plus

Broad spectrum and irreversible mycotoxin binder which provides protection from a wide variety of mycotoxins encountered in animal feed. Toxibind Plus is particularly effective in adsorbing DON and Fumonisin amongst other mycotoxins. Phytogenics have also been added to the product to provide relief from the ill effects of mycotoxins by bolstering the immune and liver systems


A specially formulated Iodophor based disinfectant stabilised for use with livestock and domestic pets. V18 quickly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi and is active in the presence of organic matter. It is ideally suited for use in vets practices and aviaries, and with other animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and mice.