For Food Safety

The Bitek culture embraces innovation, quality and sustainability. This culture is core to its research and development, its raw material procurement and its outstanding quality products.

The Bitek team has over many years of dedication and hard work built up an excellent reputation for outstanding service. We constantly strive to provide all our customers with the best possible solutions and service.

For over 40 years our investment in Innovation, Quality, Sustainability and Solution driven product advancements has enabled our position as market leader in our market.

Bitek Industries operates in Africa and parts of Asia.

Bitek feed science division produces additives and preservatives of the finest quality and value in the feed industry.

All products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility using cutting edge technology, superior formulations and ingredients.

Bitek Biosecurity division produces top quality detergents and disinfectants complying with international standards which are used for protection against the risk of disease across all livestock production.

We provide comprehensive biosecurity solutions to all species including poultry, pig, dairy, aqua, cattle and pets.

Bitek cleaning and hygiene division serves the broad food industry with a wide range of detergents and disinfectants approved for use in food manufacturing facilities.

We have a comprehensive range of products which covers all open and closed plant cleaning applications.

Bitek provides dosing solutions for a wide range of liquid applications in both feed production and feed raw material processing. Distribution and coverage is key to the effectiveness of any liquid additive. We have over years of experience developed systems that are technologically advanced, reliable, robust and accurate in their applications.


As part of the Bitek team you’ll be inspired to provide our customers with the best possible solutions, you’ll learn and you’ll grow. It’s more than a job, it’s about improving everyday life by advancing food safety.

To obtain information on current vacancies, submit your CV to recruitment@bitek.co.za

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