Equipment for Food Processing Open Plant Cleaning

Bitek’s food process range of cleaning and hygiene chemicals is one of the most modern and comprehensive in the industry. All products are safe for use in food processing applications. Open plant cleaning involves the cleaning of fats, grease, blood and carbon which are often difficult to remove from a variety of surfaces including stainless steel, plastic and mild steel so the correct products for the application are required.


All entry points to livestock housing or food processing plants should have dispensers for hand wash and hand sanitizer to maintain good hygiene standards and to prevent the spread of disease. Bitek supplies a 200ml, 400ml and 800ml wall mounted dispenser which can easily be topped up from a 25l container of hand soap or hand sanitizer.

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All detergents should be applied as a foam to improve contact time and effectiveness. Foaming is not only more effective than high pressure washing it will also decrease the usage of water and detergent and reduce the risk of spreading disease from aerosol contamination. Bitek supplies foam lances and bottle foamers for any type of high pressure washers.

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