Vehicle Disinfection for Food Processing Open Plant Cleaning

Bitek’s food process range of cleaning and hygiene chemicals is one of the most modern and comprehensive in the industry. All products are safe for use in food processing applications. Open plant cleaning involves the cleaning of fats, grease, blood and carbon which are often difficult to remove from a variety of surfaces including stainless steel, plastic and mild steel so the correct products for the application are required.


A powerful, heavy duty, bactericidal detergent cleaner, which can be used through all types of high or low pressure washers, using either hot or cold water. Shift rapidly penetrates and removes organic soiling and is suitable for cleaning livestock housing, vehicles and equipment. It is ideal for use under any water hardness conditions, mixes readily with water and is free-rinsing.

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A powerful quaternary based detergent and disinfectant for the food process industry. Vanoquat is highly effective on all types of food borne micro-organisms and can be used manually or through pressure washing equipment and compressed air foaming systems. It is safe on soft metals and surfaces and can be used in all water conditions.

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