Detergents for Livestock and Dairy

In animal production, good animal health and high yields can only be delivered by maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. Farms are ideal breeding grounds for disease causing microorganisms and pests and by correctly using biosecurity protocols the farm can be controlled to minimise infection and disease. The financial costs of disease, mortalities and poor performance far outweighs the cost of implementing an effective cleaning and disinfection program.


A powerful, heavy duty, bactericidal detergent cleaner, which can be used through all types of high or low pressure washers, using either hot or cold water. Shift rapidly penetrates and removes organic soiling and is suitable for cleaning livestock housing, vehicles and equipment. It is ideal for use under any water hardness conditions, mixes readily with water and is free-rinsing.

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A heavy duty alkaline foam cleaning detergent which can be used in high pressure water or compressed air foaming systems. Target forms a stable, effective foam for rapid removal of organic soiling, heavy fat and grease deposits and is ideal for use in meat, poultry and other food processing industries. It is suitable for both hard and soft water and does not contain caustic soda so is suitable for use on all soft metals (including aluminium).

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A heavy duty, highly alkaline detergent formulated for use as a foam/gel cleaner in piggeries. Target Powergel produces a thick, sticky foam with increased contact time which gives excellent organic soil penetration and can be used with all types of pressure washers –  with a suitable foam lance. Powergel produces excellent results where heavy levels of organic matter & soiling has built up on the building and floor surfaces and is suitable for cleaning floors, slats, walkways, walls, ceilings in piggeries.

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