Tray Wash for Livestock and Dairy

In animal production, good animal health and high yields can only be delivered by maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. Farms are ideal breeding grounds for disease causing microorganisms and pests and by correctly using biosecurity protocols the farm can be controlled to minimise infection and disease. The financial costs of disease, mortalities and poor performance far outweighs the cost of implementing an effective cleaning and disinfection program.


Highly efficient, aluminium safe, low foaming detergent for use through automatic crate washing machines aswell as manual washing in the food processing industry and hatcheries. Alu Safe Tray Wash is ideal for cleaning aluminium, zinc trays, utensils, glazed pots, metal equipment and for use on plastic trays, crates, polycarbonate and caustic sensitive material. It is effective in soft, medium or hard water conditions and very economical in use.

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