Emulsifiers for Pet Food Additives

Fats and oils are important energy sources for pets and are used in diets because of their high energy concentration. They are expensive and form a major cost component of pet food so improving fat digestibility and energy efficiency is very important from a cost point of view. Adding emulsifiers to the food can assist in fat digestion and allow for the formulation of a lower energy diet and a lower food cost yet still providing the same value to the animal.

Emulsi Plus

A powder emulsifier for better absorption and utilisation of fats and oils in animal feed. Emulsi-Plus is a combination of emulsifying agents selected for their HLB values and suitability for aiding the breakdown of both vegetable and animal fats in the gut of the animal into smaller micelles required for absorption by the body. Better digestion and utilisation of fats can compensate for a reduction of energy in the diet, lowering feed costs while maintaining growth performance.

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