Mycotoxin Binders for Pet Food Additives

The production of mycotoxins due to the presence of moulds in pet food puts pets at risk of mycotoxicosis. Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by mould in mould contaminated raw materials and finished food. These metabolites are toxic, causing mycotoxicosis in pets when absorbed into the system. In order to minimize the risk of mycotoxicosis, microbiological control is of utmost importance. This control starts at harvesting, since severe contamination can take place even before the grain reaches the silo. Precautions should thus be taken against moulds at an early stage, in this way preventing mycotoxins from being produced. If no mould is present, no mycotoxins can be produced.


Powerful and irreversible binder of mycotoxins with mould inhibition to prevent further mycotoxin formation. Toxibind contains activated aluminosilicate selected for its high surface area, binding ability and sorptive capacity and organic acids which will aid in preventing any further mould growth and mycotoxin formation during finished feed storage.

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Toxibind Plus

Broad spectrum and irreversible mycotoxin binder which provides protection from a wide variety of mycotoxins encountered in animal feed. Toxibind Plus is particularly effective in adsorbing DON and Fumonisin amongst other mycotoxins. Phytogenics have also been added to the product to provide relief from the ill effects of mycotoxins by bolstering the immune and liver systems

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