Equipment for Animal Feed

Bitek provides dosing solutions for a wide range of liquid applications in both feed production and fee raw material processing.  Distribution and coverage is key to the effectiveness of any liquid additive.  We have over years of experience developed systems that are reliable, robust and accurate in their applications.


Bitek has become an expert in pumps and equipment to ensure the effective application and consistent dosing of our liquid products. We have developed a range of dosing systems which fall under the umbrella of the Bitek Universal Dosing System (BUDS). These systems are used in feed mill mixer applications, dosing applications for rendering plants, full fat soya, hominy chop treatment and spray bays for vehicle disinfection. BUDS range from manual systems to fully automated dosing systems depending on the requirements of the plant.

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Distribution and coverage of a liquid additive is vital to its effectiveness. Bitek supplies and specifies the correct nozzles for the application including stainless steel vee jet nozzles, hollow cone nozzles and stainless steel air atomising nozzles for low flow applications.

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Bitek supplies a range of pumps depending on the dosing application and the product being applied. We supply multistage vertical centrifugal pumps, horizontal centrifugal pump, adjustable chemical diaphragm pumps, adjustable peristaltic pumps and adjustable water driven pumps.

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