Pellet Binder for Animal Feed

The advantage of pelleted feed as compared to mash is better feed conversion ratios on farm level. This is due to gelatinisation of starches, preventing separation of micro ingredients during handling, no sorting of feed ingredients by the animal and improved palatability allowing less palatable ingredients to be used. Often pellet quality is reduced because it is not always possible to control the ingredients that make up a formula or the pellet mill is not operating effectively. The addition of a pellet binder can ensure that pellet quality is maintained at all times and not just at the production stage but during transport and storage.


Low inclusion pellet binder for improved pellet quality and pelleting efficiency. Duracube improves both pellet durability and pellet hardness and due to its low inclusion is invaluable in high density diets where formulation space is limited. It is also particularly useful in high fat diets where pellet quality is more difficult to manage. The lubricating effect improves throughput and running performance of the pellet mill and prolongs the life of the die and rollers.

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