Mould Inhibitors for Animal Feed

The presence of mould growth in feed and raw materials decreases their nutritional value and can result in spoilage. Mould also produce toxic secondary metabolites, called mycotoxins, which when consumed by the animal result in mycotoxicosis which impacts on performance and productivity. Mould growth and the production of their mycotoxins should be prevented at all costs. Although the impact of mycotoxins can be minimised by using mycotoxin binders it is preferable to prevent their formation through the inhibition of mould growth as early as possible with the use of mould inhibitor preservatives. Mycotoxins binders work by binding the mycotoxins in the gut so they are not absorbed by the animal and should be effective against the specific mycotoxins that are present.


Controlled release liquid mould inhibitor for protection against moulds and yeasts in grains and other animal feed raw materials during storage. Grains going into storage should be protected from mould growth to avoid wastage, nutrient losses and to minimise any mycotoxin formation and the need to use mycotoxin binders at far higher costs in the finished feed. Grainguard is a blend of buffered and free acids which provides both persistent, long term protection and an initial rapid and effective kill.

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Liquid microbial inhibitor designed for protection against microbial growth in hominy chop and associated animal feed ingredients. Grain by-products such as chop and bran from a wet milling process are high in moisture and have short shelf lives. The organic acids in Homban are powerful enough to inhibit the challenges of moulds, yeasts and acetic acid bacteria and extend the shelf life of these high risk raw materials. Dosing options available.

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Controlled release mould inhibitor specially designed for protection against moulds and yeasts in pet food, animal feed and raw materials including whole grains. A blend of buffered and free acids provides both persistent long-term protection and an initial rapid, effective kill. Carefully selected acids provide protection against all yeasts, moulds and spores. Mycoban has been formulated so as it is safe to handle, non-toxic to operators and non-corrosive to mill machinery.

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Liquid mould inhibitor and antioxidant for control of gram negative pathogens and for protection against autoxidation in poultry by-product meals. Myconox is a specially designed blend of organic acids, emulsifiers, surfactants, antioxidants and chelating agents suitable for easy spray application. The homogeneous product ensures distribution of all actives including the antioxidants throughout the meal and reduces the application to only one pump.

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Powerful and irreversible binder of mycotoxins with mould inhibition to prevent further mycotoxin formation. Toxibind contains activated aluminosilicate selected for its high surface area, binding ability and sorptive capacity and organic acids which will aid in preventing any further mould growth and mycotoxin formation during finished feed storage.

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