Silage and Haylage for Animal Feed

The supply of nutrients from harvested forages in Southern Africa is often seasonal due to low temperatures or limited rainfall thus the preservation of harvested forages such as silage and haylage becomes essential for efficient beef and dairy production. To achieve satisfactory preservation of hay or silage, both respiration and proteolysis by plant enzymes and nutrient degradation by microbes must be minimized during the harvest, storage and feed out periods.


Specially formulated liquid hay preservative for use on all types of baled hay, grasses and lucerne. Bale 30 controls both mould and bacterial growth and reduces nutrient losses during storage. Its application allows for earlier baling at up to 30% moisture contents which results in a 50% reduction in drying time. Baling at a higher moisture means there will be a lower leaf loss which leads to improved quality since 70% of the nutrients and 90% of the vitamins are contained in the leaf.

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Specially formulated liquid silage preservative specifically for lightly wilted silage. Silo 70 is a synergistic blend of organic acids that acidifies the silage which helps promote lactic acid fermentation and restricts butyric acid fermentation. It contains a mould inhibitor which prevents aerobic losses due to moulds during the silage process and during feed out.

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